Buying jewellery online

So you’ve spent hours online Googling personalised jewellery, you may have even been a bit more specific and searched handstamped jewellery Australia. You’ve looked at what feels like hundreds of images and designs.  

Finally, FINALLY, you think you’ve picked a design you are happy with, but just before you commit and add it to the cart you think, “I’ll just have a look around to see what price everyone else is charging…” 

Easy right?  


Why is nothing ever straightforward. You might find a design that is very similar in shape, size and metal but the prices seem all over the place. Why are they charging so much? Why are they charging so little? 

We have put together our top tips for the savvy shopper when comparing products


It can be very difficult to tell by photos alone the quality of a piece. Most people assume a more expensive piece is a higher quality product, but that's not always the case. It's important to read the description of what you are actually looking to purchase. Look at sizing, and what is included in the price.  

Metal type

It’s always important to have this information when comparing products.  We have a great blog post on the difference between metals. You can’t compare Sterling Silver with Silver plated or Silver coloured stainless steel as these are different metals and entirely different in their quality. If you can’t find the metal type in the description of a product you should ask and never assume "silver' means Sterling Silver.   

Chain or no Chain.

All of our completed necklaces come with a complimentary chain included in the price. However some companies display the price for just the design component.  Once you go to order you find out that the "Chain is not included" and is an add on cost. 

Quality of workmanship

Here’s an area that’s a little harder to put a price on.   

For most of us it will involve looking through a website to see how ‘professional’ it looks.  The quality of the photos and the look of the products, how are they presented, how ‘neat’ does the wording look.  

We are proud of our workmanship.  We buy only top quality tools because the better the quality of tool, the sharper & crisper the impression can be made when it is stamped onto your piece.  We complement this with the materials we use to produce a quality product, while providing a range of price points for every budget.

Production & Customer Service

After making your purchase we understand you want your new jewellery ASAP.  You don't want to wait weeks and weeks for production. We display our production time at the top of our website so you know exactly how long you can expect to wait (usually 1-3 business days) From there you can choose express post if you need it even faster! We always send an email with your tracking number once it's ready for posting (be sure to check your junk mail)  You will never be left wondering if you can ever talk to a 'real person' behind an online store with us, we love a chat! 

So compare, ask questions, become informed. We want you to be 100% confident that when you are ordering from us you know you are getting a quality product with amazing customer service.