What’s in a Metal? 

Silver, Sterling silver, Silver plated, Gold, Gold Filled, Gold plated, stainless steel….  It’s overwhelming, it’s confusing and it’s a lot of information to take in. We get it!  

Most of us know that sterling silver is better ‘quality’ than silver plated, but what about Gold Filled verses Gold plated. And now stainless steel jewellery is a popular option available.  

So why is it so important to understand the type of metal you are buying and how much information do you really need to know?   

It comes down to quality, price, look and maintenance.  Not all metals are equal! And for us it’s about getting a good balance of all of the above.  

Sterling Silver, Gold & Rose Gold Filled 

In simple terms you should think of Sterling Silver and Gold/Rose Gold Filled as a similar standard product. They are a high quality metal that is thick enough to withstand the handstamping process but allow us to offer our customers an affordable product that won't break the bank.     

Silver & Gold Plated  

We do not stock any plated products.   

Plated products have an extremely thin layer of silver/gold/rose gold (measured in microns) covering a base metal, commonly copper, brass, white metal, or nickel.  The layer is very thin, so it wears off over time.  Unlike sterling silver, the tarnish on silver-plated jewellery is, most of the time, irreversible.  This type of product is not suitable for handstamping in our opinion.    

Stainless Steel  

Don’t disregard Stainless steel! Yes we know once upon a time stainless steel jewellery could be found in any cheap shop (we all remember the teenage dog tag trend!) but it has come a LONG way. Good quality Stainless steel jewellery can be beautiful in its feel, look and quality.  It won't ever rust or tarnish which also makes it an appealing choice.    

We have done our research and tried and tested all of metals we stock to find the absolute best for your handstamped piece so you don’t have to worry.