Over time, without proper care, all jewellery is susceptible to tarnish. This happens because some metals undergo a chemical reaction with sulphur-containing substances in the air.  Salt water, humidity, chlorine, soap, perspiration and perfume all cause oxidization on your jewellery and can lead to tarnish.

If you have chosen black lettering for your keepsake we do NOT recommend liquid silver polish cleaners where you submerse your jewellery, as they may remove the black lettering. Over time, with exposure to the elements, the blackening of your letters may slowly disappear. Please email us for a quick solution to restore the blackened letters on your piece or feel free to send your piece back to us for us for a complimentary professional clean restore of your blackened letters.

Our pieces may contain natural flaws due to the hand making of your piece.  As each keepsake is "hammered" by hand, impressions & marks will occur on the reverse of the piece especially with softer metals such as sterling silver or gold filled pieces.

We recommend regularly polishing your keepsake with the complimentary polish cloth provided or a similar jewellery cloth that can be purchased at any jewellery store. Stainless Steel pieces only need to be wiped over with a polish cloth specific to stainless steel and require little to very low maintenance. Storing your jewellery in an air tight container or plastic zip lock bag away from the elements can also help to prevent tarnish.